Thursday’s Thirteen: Windswept Shores’s first Anniversary

This Friday is the first anniversary of my book, Windswept Shores, as a published book.

Thirteen reasons why you should buy my book, Windswept Shores.


1. It’s awesome and I’m not saying that because I’m the author.


Oh yeah, I am too.


2. The hero is an Aussie and has a sexy accent.


What’s better than that?


3. It has a spunky heroine.


4. It’s set in the Bahamas, which is a sexy, fun in the sun local.


5. The setting is a romantic deserted island. No people so they can go naked.


Did I mention its in the Bahamas?


6. Its not all fun and games when they go against–Wild cannibal boars with sharp tusks.


7. Meat eating crabs


8. Attacking sea birds


9. Dangerous brittle trees?


Yes, you heard me. The trees are dangerous too.


10. Two strangers living in close proclivity who fight against their growing attraction for each other.


11. But of course they loose that fight or it wouldn’t be a romance.


12. When they finally do get together the sex is red hot.


13. Hey! Hot SEX on the beach!


***Contest announcement***

Friday is the anniversary, so I’m doing a drawing here on my website for anyone who leaves their email addy along with a meaningful comment.

The prize is a pukka shell necklace and a pair of sand dollar earrings.




24 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: Windswept Shores’s first Anniversary

  1. All great reasons why everyone should buy Windswept Shores, but the main reason is, it’s a great read.
    Congrats on the one year anniversary 🙂


  2. It’s been a year?! That’s wonderful! I’m so pleased for you. Have you ever been to the Bahamas? I’m considering a trip like that this fall. Best wishes! And I love a cool drawing. Here’s my email address:


    • Hi Darla,

      Thank you. Nope, never been to the Bahamas, but I did a great deal of research. My editor said my story made her feel like she was there, and she had been there.

      If you go make sure you have either the spiny lobster or conk. Both are only found in the Bahamas and are, I hear, very tasty.



  3. Congrats on the anniversary! An Aussie hero with a sexy accent sounds just perfect! (I’m picturing Chris Hemsworth)…On a deserted beach…Oh, my…. 😀


  4. I quote Linus from the peanuts gang. “Those are good reasons.”

    Seriously though who could argue with reasons like that? I’m always looking for new authors to read so that’s just my own reason for eventually picking this book up!

    Congrats on the anniversary! Wishing you good luck with your other novels!



  5. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!
    Wow. This sounds so good! I can
    honestly say I’ve been to the beautiful
    Bahama’s. Just not long enough.:(
    My H won a 3 day cruise to the
    Bahama’s in 2000. But by the time you
    get there and come back the same day.
    Just not long enough….*S*
    I would dearly love to win your book…*S*

    Thank you for the chance to win it!




  6. Was this a promo for the Bahamas or the book? I have a girlfriend getting over a bad breakup who is going to the islands for a few days …..great thing to add to her carry on! Congrats on the anniversary.

    Michelle ridgetb at yahoo dot com


  7. After reading all thirteen reasons for buying or reading this book I have to say you make it sound great and I know it is because you wrote it. The Bahmas is a great setting too. I love jewelry so this prize fits right in for me. I can only imagine how unitque these pieces are. Thanks for running the contest. susan Leech


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