Thursday’s thirteen: Why I don’t have time to write a TT

I was thinking about all the reasons I don’t have time to write a Thursday’s thirteen this week and then realized that I could do one.

Thirteen reason why I can’t do a Thursday’s thirteen this week.


  1. I’m tired.
  2. I worked in my garden and my arms, back and everything hurts. Is it possible for hair to hurt?
  3. I still need to put in my tomatoes into my garden. I know-I know, it’s August and way too late to be planting this late in the season. But the lady at Home Depot’s garden department gave me such a good deal on them, I just had to buy them. The poor things needed a home.
  4. I just erased my computer’s memory after a virus or whatever if was made it crash, and I have to add all my programs back in. And it takes way too much time!
  5. I need to catch up on the writing time I lost, because my computer crashed.
  6. I think there’s a critique on my critique group this week and just can’t afford the extra brain cells to spend writing a TT.
  7. I need to spend time with hubby before he starts the crush season at the local winery. When that happens, he works nights as the graveyard foreman and when he’s home he’s asleep, leaving me feeling like a widow.
  8. I need to get my daughter moving, so she can get ready for college which starts next week.
  9. I need to make sure hubby and my daughter have their chores done before next week. After next week they’re not going to get anything done, because they will be too busy.
  10. Argh!!! Why does everything have to start next week?
  11. Taking deep breaths before next week, so panic doesn’t set in.
  12. I need to do the laundry before  . . . yes, next week.
  13. Did I mention that I was tired?

18 comments on “Thursday’s thirteen: Why I don’t have time to write a TT

  1. I’ve compiled many lists like these. Here’s hoping that after all that stuff starts, you get a chance to stop.


  2. Oh dear, now I’m tired. lol No, I was already tired but you’ve outdone me. I’d much rather be waiting for the siding to be put on the house than have to deal with a crashed computer. That’s a stresser every author never wants — EVER. Hugs, Janice, I’m sure you’ll accomplish everything beautifully.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Yeah, your little one is still in school, isn’t she. I feel for you, I really do.

      My daughter is in college, and you have to pay for their school books. But at least she’s getting a ride to school two of the four days she has to go. That only leaves two days for me to take her, and the traffic is much better than taking her to regular school. So some ways it’s better, although the expense is more.



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