5 comments on “Contact me

  1. Hi Janice,
    After reading through your blog, I think I’m from the same area. I live in Clovis. Are you in any critique groups or novel writing support groups around the Clovis/Fresno area? After belonging to a critique group for years, I’ve become disillusioned because of the lack of new technique methods being introduced into the group. Seems like we’ve all hit a plateau. My friend, a fellow novelist, and I met everyother week, and read a chapter to each other, but there is just the two of us. At any rate, I was wondering what you do.


    • Thank you, LuDena.

      It means the world to me that you came here and posted this comment. And, yes, there is a sequel. There’s a Christmas two story collection available now, and I’m writing the next full length book about their son.



  2. Hello Janice, I could not figure out how to use your email link. I would like to be a guest on your blog. I have 7 books I would like to promote. I write mystery, true crime, paranormal, fantasy, and poetry. I can write a post or give an interview along with the book info. Anytime is good for me. Thank you. My email is joannemyers@frontier.com


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