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The first of a new Science Fiction series

Exodus Arcon

The Arcons build three colony ship to take them off their dying world. Only the chosen can come, the rest take their chances with the lottery.

But one family cheats.

Exodus Arcon two

Arriving at Earth, tragedy strikes. While the remaining males grieve, Blade, Keefe and Paz must continue to pretend they’re co-mates or face swift Arcon justice.

Exodus Arcon Three

Blade bodyguards Dr. Laski, while the doctor races to save their mysteriously ill delegation, while a midst negotiation for an Earth colony.

Failure means genocide for the Arcon race.

Arcons Are Coming

Exodus Arcon Trailer

Sometime in 2016, the Arcon story will continue in Alien Heart, which will be available from Keith Publications

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