The Chronicles of Arcon

Arcons Are Coming

This series will be relaunched on June 3, 2021

The first of a new Science Fiction series

Exodus Arcon: told in three short books.
Planet Arcon is in trouble. Before their planet tears itself apart, the Arcons build three big spaceships to take them across the stellar reaches of space… towards Earth their new home. But, only the ruling class and the most brilliant minds can come. The rest must take their chances with the lottery.
But one family cheats.
The Arcons are coming…. Are you ready?


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You can find Exodus Arcon on Amazon:

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Book two in the Exodus Arcon mini-series:

Arriving at Earth, tragedy strikes. Because Arcon justice is quick and brutal, Blade, Keefe, and Paz must continue to pretend they’re co-mates.

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While Blade bodyguards Dr. Laski, the doctor races to save their mysteriously ill delegation, amidst negotiation for an Earth colony.
Both must risk their lives to find a solution because failure means genocide for the Arcon race.

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The Arcon story will continue with book four: Alien Desire.alien-desire-0.5-small

The Arcons Tane and Brock Moonwalker are vacationing in the small town of Greenwood. Tane is dealing with agoraphobia, a condition worsened by the loss of their female. Brock and his friend needed to get away, but a tiny, gang ridden town is the last place they expected to find love.

Saki Starling had trouble on her heels and couldn’t catch a break. She lost her apartment and a local gang threatened her at every turn. With her week at its lowest point, Tane and Brock promised to brighten her darkening world.

Tane, Brock, and Saki must find a way to come together, if they have any hope of overcoming their past and heal their broken hearts.



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Alien Heart (Available October 3rd)

For the Kindle:

For the Nook:


Blurb: Divorcee and single mom, hardworking Audrey Westberry is the host of a TV show called Miz Fixit.
Romance was the last thing on Audrey’s mind when two handsome extraterrestrials join the audience of her show.
Soon Audrey finds out a single word “mated” has different meaning when you are born a galaxy away. After a wonderful night of passion, Audrey finds herself far from home, impregnated and her life turned upside down.
Will she ever be able to leave the alien compound, see her son again, or get home in time to film the fall season of her Miz Fixit show?
But what’s a girl to do with two aliens that smell like candy, and their kisses taste like it, too?



Alien Enslaved is available December 3, 2021, just in time for Christmas.

After his planet’s destruction, the Arcon slave, Chase Starstrider, seeks death in every gladiator match. He’s tempted by his master’s gift of the curvaceous Earthling whose touch awakens him like no other, but the Intergalactic Gladiator Starship is no safe place for a mate.

Kasandra Lee Sinclair, and known as Kaz to her friends, wouldn’t mind rocking the hunky Arcon’s world for a way home to Earth, but there are dangers on board the spaceship and, in the arena, even for a sex slave like her.

For the Kindle:

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