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Arriving at Earth, tragedy strikes. Because Arcon justice is quick and brutal, Blade, Keefe, and Paz must continue to pretend they’re co-mates.

The Start of new Science Fiction series: Exodus Arcon

Today, June 3, 2021, is the release day for Exodus Arcon.

Exodus Arcon Book 1 is the start of a new science fiction mini series starting off Chronicles of Arcon.

There will be three books in total for the mini series and twelve book for the bigger series.

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On pre-order now: Exodus Arcon book 1

Exodus Arcon: told in three short stories. This is book one.
Planet Arcon is in trouble. Before their planet tears itself apart, the Arcons build three big spaceships to take them across the stellar reaches of space… towards Earth their new home. But, only the ruling class and the most brilliant minds can come. The rest must take their chances with the lottery.
But one family cheats.
The Arcons are coming…. Are you ready?