Spring Poem The Earth Laughs


The Earth Laughs
a poem
by Janice

Roots waken in the gloom,
reach and stretch for more room,
looking for nutrients to consume.
Tickled the Earth laughs to the moon.

Blossoms open sending out their sweet scent.
Bees buzz sweet talk the flowers with an accent.
To pollinate all the trees is the farmers intent.
And the Earth laughs content.

Robins and sparrows chirp and sing.
Killdeers drag a pretend broken wings.
Mocking birds sing everything.
The Earth laughs at these things.

Daffodils show their sunny faces,
Crocus, Tulips, and Hyacinths appear in some places.
Yellow, lavender, scarlet, and blue many a garden graces.
The Earth laughs delighted in those places.

Leaves unfurl to the fullest percent.
Children climb trees and hopefully without accident.
Bouquet of flowers are gathered for moms’ a present.
And the Earth laughs to the fullest extent