Is it soup yet?

Three soupy things;
We’re having soupy weather.

Last week it was pea soup fog, patchy but still areas where it was hard to see. I don’t know if you have fog in your area but we get it even though we’re over a hundred miles from any large body of water. What causes it is a dried lake bed now called ;
Tule grass land Because of this we have fog through our cold wet weather, that’s usually November through March.

This week though we are having rain. It’s making soup out of our Almond orchard. Today I was trying to take home YGF and her BF and the road I normally take was so badly flooded that I had to go another way.

And it’s suppose to rain like this all week and we may have an inch and a half of rain from this storm–so that’s a good thing.

Is that soup on your sweat jacket?

My daughter brought her coat out to the car last week and was holding it like it was a dead thing. My first thought was did you spill some soup on it? My second was or did someone sneeze on it?

It was nether.

It was amniotic fluid all over her jacket.

My daughter has been taking Ag classes because she is a transfer student to Madera south as an Ag student hence the Ag classes.

That day they were getting a tour of the Ag farm and one of goats went into labor; the teacher said, “quick someone hand me those towels.”

But none of the student moved and stared bug eyed at the small creature that was making an appearance from the goat’s nether regions.

Not my daughter though; she lept into action grabbing the towels and entering the pen, she proceeded to help deliver the three newborn’s and one under developed kid(baby goat). Unfortunately the underdeveloped kid didn’t survived even though my daughter did everything she could to help and the instructor was so impressed she call my daughter “a natural.”

And lastly My cat ate soup

My old cat Pookey was ill last week, she was coughing and sneezing like she had a cold(she’s better now). I gave her some left over soup and she ate it.

  • She drank the broth
  • But she shunned the carrots
  • She ate all the chicken bits
  • And then she spit out all the egg noodles into a neat pile next to her food bowl.

I didn’t know that cats could do that?