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Jared the Fierce Were-tabby

By Janice Seagraves

Part Two:

Jared Shows His True Colors—Orange



Inside the little cabin the fire burned merrily in the hearth, but standing outside Morgan’s teeth chattered. “Okay, show me,” she demanded.

“Are you sure you want to see this? It’s really horrible,” Jared warned as vapor plumed out of his mouth.

“Yes. Do it already.” She shivered and rubbed her arms. Impatiently Morgan bounced on her toes, almost ready to do calisthenics if it got her warm. “It’s cold out here.”

Jared shot her a dirty look. “Fine for you to say, you don’t have to do this naked.” He kicked off his shoes then stripped off his sweatshirt.

“Naked?” She stared at his bare chest.

The chilled air raised goose bumps along his skin. Glancing back at her, he stopped with his thumbs hooked in his pants. “It’s cold out here, so there will be… shrinkage.”

“Oh, do tell.” She smirked.

He slid off the pants, and the change started. Moaning, he dropped to the snow-covered ground, while his bones popped and rearranged themselves. Orange fur grew all along his back and limbs. When the change finished, he sat on his haunches and stared at her.

“Oh my God. You’re—you’re a…” Morgan stammered, eyes wide, she stepped back.

A low feline growl purred from his mouth.


After staring a stunned moment at the orange tabby, ice form in her stomach taking away what little warmth she possessed. The pressure of a scream form at the back of her throat, but she swallowed it down. Get a grip, Morgan. He’s still the same person.

“So you were the cat I saw when Joan and I check-in?” After gathering up his discarded clothes, she opened the door to the cabin. She looked down at the feline. “Well come on, you’ll freeze out here.”

Jared scurried in before she could step through the threshold, and settled in front of the hearth with a contented purr. Logs crackled in the brick fireplace. Morgan tossed Jared’s clothes on the couch and turned her back to the fire. “Why does my butt always get so cold?”

Jared produced a un-cat-like snort and then jumped to the floor. His skin looked like it was boiling while his bones cracked and popped, as they rearranged themselves. His fur disappeared as his body returned to man size. Standing up, he turned to look at her with a challenge in his gaze.

Morgan’s gaze swept over his long, lean body. Yup, that weird orange hair was everywhere. “So you can do that inside.” She stared away from his deliciously nude form, which made her feel warm for a different reason. “Why didn’t you?”

He pulled on his sweat pants then walked back to her. “Cats don’t like loud noises. If you started to scream, I would need an escape route.

“Coward.” She stepped away from him.

“Hardly.” He took her by the arms, pulled her toward him. “Cats are fearless fighters, but a loud noise can trigger a fight or flight reflex.”

A smile teased the corners of her mouth. “I bet you run real fast, too.”

“I run faster, when I’m hurrying back to the one I care about.” Slipping an arm around her, he nuzzled the side of her face. “Ever have a butterfly-kiss?”

“Um, no.” Morgan lifted an eyebrow. “Aren’t those the kind you give to children?”

Jared grinned. “No, I mean the grown up version.”  He set his lips to her throat. Opening his mouth slightly he dragged his tongue along her skin. Moving down a bit, he trailed butterfly-kisses along her neck.

She shivered. “Oh, I like that kitty-cat boy.” A tingling sensation ran down her body as heat filled her panties, but it had nothing to do with the fire blazing behind them.


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Part One: Jared the Fierce Were-tabby

By Janice Seagraves


Morgan stumbled into the ski lodge. Safe at last. She barely glanced at the rustic, rough-pine interior, as she limped past the quaint homey furniture. Her goal came into view, the huge stone fireplace. Why the hell do I let myself get talked into these things? What was I thinking? I’ve never skied in my life.

She removed her soaked gloves laid them on the hearth, then spread her frozen fingers toward the warmth of the crackling fire. Snow packed into the creases of her ski-pants, jacket and boots, but soon melted in the glorious heat. God, all this so Joan can flirt with her Italian stallion.

When the circulation returned to her icy body parts causing a pins and needles sensation, she let out a slight whimper, then she turned to let the roaring fire roast her rump. Morgan found herself staring into the amused green-eyed gaze of a man sitting directly behind her on a leather chair. With wide cheekbones and a face that tapered down to a narrow chin, he was definitely worth a look. His long legs stretched out emphasizing his lean build and athletic frame. He was attractively attired in hunter-green bib ski-pants, and matching sweater. His shock of bright orange-red hair stood on end. How unusual, it’s the same color as that cat I saw last night.

His full sensuous lips formed into a lazy smile. “You look like you’re frozen right through.” Then his glance slid over her curves, which sent her shivering for a completely different reason.

“Oh, I am.” She didn’t doubt he had checked her out when her back was to him. Morgan stopped rubbing her chilled behind, when she realized he watched her with unwavering attention. Then she wrapped her arms around herself.

“What you need is a hot toddy.” He sat up. “It’s excellent for when you have been exposed to the cold or had a shock to the system.”

Morgan arched an eyebrow. “Are you buying?”

“Sure, if your friend doesn’t mind me taking up some of your time?”

“Oh no, Joan wouldn’t mind. She’s busy skiing down the mountain with that hunky…” She stopped and blinked a couple of times. “My friend?”

“I saw you check in with her.”

“We got here so late, the only one up was the night manager, and a cat. I know you’re not the manager, so unless you’re trying to say that you’re the orange tabby cat, I don’t know how you could know that.”

He unfolded from his seat in one boneless movement, and stood so close she had to crane her neck up to look at him.

“My name is Jared Catterick.” The deep timbre of his voice vibrated straight through her, and did interesting things to her nether regions. “How about that drink?”

“Morgan Brookhaven.” She offered her hand.

“Hi, Morgan.” He took her ice-cold hand in his deliciously warm one. “Come with me and I’ll help thaw you out.” The heat of his gaze traveled down her body.

She smiled. My vacation just took an interesting turn, for the better. “How can I refuse such a delightful invitation?”


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The Arcons Are Coming!

Exodus Arcon Trailer The first of a new Science Fiction series


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