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Kelley is my contest winner, and will receive my hand decorated mini surfboard. 


I’ve already contacted Kelley and will be sending off her prize tomorrow.


Thank you, Kelley, for being my winner.

Thursday’s Thirteen: Field trip to the Zoo

Field trips are always fun, and this trip to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is for my research for the book I’m currently working on. It’ll feature space aliens dating humans and this field trip is research for one of the dates.

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1. Blue crested pigeon or simply Crested Pigeon. Yup, even though this bird in no way in shape or form looks like the common pigeon, it is one.2. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

3. Pink and Gray Gala

4. Here’s someone trying to make a friend. I’m not sure what type of parrot this is.

5. A King parrot surveying his kingdom from his lofty perch.

I was disappointed that they didn’t have any lorikeets, I feature them in the second book of Windswept Shores (if I can ever get the thing polished enough to send out).

6. A lioness on a hand carved bench at the zoo.

7. Here we have the giraffes feeding station, where you can pay to feed the giraffes and for a couple of bucks more have a picture taken with them.

8. Fresno is hundreds of mile from the coast, yet here are some Harbor seals.

9. Lemurs

10. Black swan

11. This is the peacock that decided to take a leisurely stroll right through the outside eating area of the snack shack with a little boy trailing behind.

11. A bushy tailed squirrel that ate a discarded French fry

12. Oryx from Africa and parts of Arabia is actually a type of antelope.

13. Pink Flamingos are found in Africa, but they’re also found in the Bahamas.

Ah, you didn’t think I could link it in with my book, did you.

Windswept Shores Except: 

“You’ve got some fruit on your face.” She peeked over her sunglasses so she could run her thumb over his chin, along his bottom lip. Their gaze met, but when the look in Seth’s gray eyes turned intense, Megan became uncomfortable.

That’s dumb. You never touch a man you’re not married to so intimately. Embarrassed she stepped away.

Seth sucked in his bottom lip, running his tongue over it, still watching her.

His eyes look like the coals when the fire burns down, but you know they’re still hot and will flare-up at any moment. She gave herself a mental shake. Damn, I’ve been staring into fires too long. Megan wandered over to a small stream trickling through the rocks to rinse her hands.

“Uh, Megz?”

“Yes.” She shook water off her hands.

“Thank you.”

“What for?” She glanced at him.

“I reckon I didn’t thank ya for the food and the clothes.” He plucked at his Hawaiian shirt, wrinkled from sleep and getting wet earlier. “Also fer putting me up last night.”

“You mean putting up with you?” She chuckled. “I’m sure you’d do the same for me.”

“Orright, mate, anything ya need, I’ll be there.” He picked up his pack. “Ready to go?”

She slung her backpack over her shoulders. “Yes.”

Seth climbed a boulder. He gave Megan a hand up, pulling her next to him. “The going will be a bit rough, stay close so you can call-out if you need help.”


They made their way over the rocks. Shrubs tried to make a foothold along this barren area. The skeleton of the ones that didn’t make it were everywhere. Megan grabbed a bone-white branch for support, but it broke in her hands.

Seth held her steady. “Careful, mate, dry rot has set in.”

They climbed the ridge to a safer spot, but disturbed some nesting sea-birds. They squawked their alarm as they took wing.

Seth moved ahead to climb up on a boulder and gazed around with one hand shading his eyes. Megan stepped up beside him, and then he turned to her. “Megz, look there.” He pointed. “That’s my mate’s boat, but see, she’s got herself beached.” Rushing down the slope he jumped from rock to rock.

Megan watched him with raised eyebrows. He’s a kangaroo.

She hurried to catch-up, stepping down between two widely spaced boulders, loose rocks rolling under her feet. “Uh-oh.” Losing her balance, she grabbed a branch which broke, causing her to slip down a steep area. She tumbled into a dead bush, and felt a sharp pain in her right thigh. “Ouch,” she cried. “Seth, help!”

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Mini Lesson: Past Tense Review

Mini Lesson: Past Tense Review

By Janice Seagraves

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do some tenses review. Why do we need past tense? Because most books are written in past tense.

Anything with an –ed at the end is past tense, like Stopped is past tense of stop.

However, there are other words to look out for, that don’t follow that rule.

Led is past tense of lead.

Gone is past tense of go or going.

Sung is past tense of sing.

Hidden is the past tense of hide.

Caught is the past tense of catch

Bought is the past tense of buy

Came is the past tense of come

Crept is the past tense of creep

Dealt is the past tense of deal.

Fed is past tense of feed

Felt is the past tense of feel

Fitted is past tense of fit

Hung is past tense of Hang

Had is past tense of has

Had is also the past tense of Have

Heard is the past tense of hear

Found is past tense of Find

Held is past tense of Hold

Kept is past tense of Keep

Laid is past tense of lay

Lost is past tense of lose

Make is past tense of made

Mean is past tense of meant

Meet is past tense of met

There’s more of course, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Here are some more tenses to watch out for:

be   was   been

Bear   bore   born

Become   became    become

Bite   bit   bitten

Bend   bent   bent

Bleed   bled   bled

Burn   burned   burnt

Choose   chose   chosen

Dive   dove   dived

Draw   drew   drawn

Dream   dreamed   dreamt

Drink  drank   drunk

Drive   drove   driven

Fall   fell   fallen

Fly   flew   flown

Freeze   froze   frozen

Get   got   given

Know   knew   known

Leap   leapt   leaped

Learn   learned   learnt

Leave   left

Lie   lay   lain

Write   writing   written   wrote

Then, now and maybe later.

And I’ll end this with: future perfect verbs are formed by adding –ing to the verb.