How to Make Your Book A Page Turner

How to make your book a page turner 

 by Janice Seagraves 


To make your book a page turner, you’ll need to hook your readers. 


Place a hook at the beginning and end of each chapter, so the reader won’t want to set your book down. 


A hook doesn’t have to be the middle of some crisis like a cliff hanger in the old serials where the hero is left literally hanging off a cliff. It can be something that leaves a question in the readers mind: Will she/he kiss/accept him/her. 


If your story is suspense, mystery or horror, don’t end the conflict until the very last page. Do the same thing if you’re writing romance, keep some unresolved question between your couple until the very last page. 


In that way you’re keeping the tension going. 


Remember you have to have tension to have a story. No tension, no story. 


Then your reader will be staggering into work the next day, saying, “I just read the best book. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t go to sleep until three in the morning.”