Thursday’s thirteen: what I learn from the Nano

I meant to do this last week, but I was too burned out from doing the nano. So you lucky people get to see my TT this week.

To those of you who did finished and won the nanowrimo, congratulations. I won too. *grin* For those of you who couldn’t finish, well there’s always next year. And to those of you who tried and decided you’re never going to try that crap ever again, well the nano isn’t for everyone and good for you for finding your limitations.

  1. Remember to blink! Writing late into the night and staring at the screen for hours on end can dry out those peepers. So don’t forget to blink.
  2. Don’t ignore your body. That slight pressure now will build up to an intolerable pain later on.
  3. Drink water or some kind of fluid. Dehydration can be a real problem along with the other stuff I mentioned.
  4. Wrapping your hands around a nice warm cup of tea or coffee can be very comforting, when you take a break as you contemplate your story item and trying to decide if it’s the next best thing to sliced bread or a big load of horse hooey.
  5. Every so often get up and move around. Your back and legs will thank you later by not hurting so much.
  6. Pace yourself. Rushing toward the ending can be an adrenaline rush, but it’ll make your back and neck hurt.
  7. Get a massage. After night after night of long hours bent over the keyboard your back and neck are going to hurt. Either pay for a massage at the mall, or get a love one to massage your back and neck for you.
  8. While getting the words down you maybe forgoing sleep. That’s going to come back and bit you on the butt later on, so try to get a few hours rest so you don’t look like a zombie and scare the kids.
  9. Wear comfortable clothes. I recommend pajamas while writing long hours at the computer. They won’t bind you in the wrong places like Regular Street clothes will. Of course if you’re writing at work your boss might be questioning your work attire, so be sensible and wear the PJ’s at home.
  10. For God’s sake get a comfortable chair. I know some people’s funds are low this time of the year, but if your back will love you later if you just get the right chair.
  11. Get a small stool to set a foot or both feet on. They also sell a slanted stool for computer use. I know I’m stress back comfort but I do have a chronic bad back, so take my lessons to heart if you’re having a similar problem.
  12. If you like to nibble at the computer try to find something that won’t clog up your keyboard with crumbs.
  13. If you like to listen to music while you write I suggest using earphones, so you don’t bother your family, and it’ll block out the endless whine of them asking you to rejoin the world of the living.