Promo Mini Surfboards

I’m working on some hand decorated (by me) mini surfboards for promo giveaways. They’re really nice, if I do say so myself, and each one is a little different.

I’ll post when I’ll have the giveaways so you’ll have a chance at the contests.

Look for my posts sometime in May through early June.

Christmas in July

I’m participation in this years Christmas in July at Romance books “R” us.

It’s a first for me. 🙂

2nd Annual Christmas in July TWO Contests!

Dates: 1 July through midnight EST 31 July.
We only ship snail mail items to US and Canadian addresses.

CONTEST 1: (Open to readers/unpublished writers/industry reps – NOT published authors unless you’re already a RBRU Yahoo group member)
Prizes: Amazon/Barnes & Noble $125 Gift Certificate, Christmas ornaments, decks of Ellora’s Cave/Blush playing cards, RBRU hats, tee-shirts and tote bags. To enter:
1. Join RBRU yahoo group at
2. Visit Click on each of the 20 Bloggers names left sidebar) to visit their sites. Find the name of one of their books along with the names of the hero and heroine. COLLECT THE 20 BLOGGER NAMES, BOOK NAMES, AND HERO AND HEROINE NAMES. (If a blogger has two pen names, only do one). In ONE email message, send all this information to: 
NOTE: For April Ash books information, click on MY BOOKS at the top of the page.

CONTEST 2: (Open to everyone, including published authors)
Prize: Amazon/Barnes & Noble $25 Gift Certificate.
To enter:
1. Join RBRU Chat group at:
2. Become a Follower at our blog:

Contest winner

I must apologize for being soooo late with this.

And the winner is . . . .

Dee Bibb!

Congratulations, Dee! You are the winner of a mini surfboard. I will contact you in a little bit.

Dee has decided on the Windswept Surfboard, which I will be mailing to her on Monday.

On my next contest the Abso-bloody-lutely surfboard will be up for grabs.

Please check back for details on my next contest.


Thursday’s Thirteen: Setting the scene

This is excerpt from an article I wrote, when I guest blogged on Cynsights.

I set my book, Windswept Shores, on a deserted island in the Bahamas.

“How did you do that?” you might ask.

Easy, by finding out all that I could about the Bahamas, but not using all of it.
I can imagine your reaction, “Huh?”
Well, yes, we don’t want to over whelm our readers now do we?
I broke it down to this:
1. Color of sea—teal
2. Soil—sandy loam, sand, lots and lots of sand
3. I also had a cliff make entirely of sand stone, more sand!
4. What grows in the Bahamas?—anything that grows in a tropical area, including lots of fruit trees.
5. Fruit trees+fruit=food
6. Birds—sea birds including sea gulls
7. bird+eggs=food (just the eggs, mate)
8. Fish—tropical fish like what you’d see at your local pet store—puffer, lion fish, clown fish.
9. I used the name of a local sport fish—tarpon, it can get to be five feet in length. Fish=food
10. Shellfish—mussels, scallops, and conk=food
11. Dolphin (the mammal kind)—this is fun, they’re spotted!
12. Weather—wet+rain+windy=tropical!
13. I used descriptive words for the sea: ocean, waves, swells, and surf.

You get the idea. I mention the weather a lot in my story, until it becomes almost a secondary character.

***now for the contest***

For this week’s contest I have a wonderful signed 17 by 11 inch poster of my book cover.

Just guess a number between 1 and 50 to win. I’ll post the winning announcement on Sunday, August 22.

Just a reminder but I’m only running these weekly contests till the end of August, so please enter today.

Thursday’s Thirteen: What Megan says

Thursday’s thirteen: my hubby told me, “You’ve posted things that your hero says, why not thirteen things that your heroine says.”
Well, hey, I haven’t done one of those yet.
So here are thirteen things from Windswept Shores, that Megan says:
1. “God, this thing is heavy.”
2. “What the—did you just sniff me?”
3. “Large head okay?”
4. “Yes, but don’t get too excited. It’s got a hole.”
5. Oh, lord, he’s naked.
6. “I like to think it’s cozy.”
7. “Kind of like truth or dare?”
8. “I’m not even going to ask about that one.”
9. “Oh, that’s great! And they’re nice big ones, too.”
10. “O-oh, you’re just like every guy I know. Why is it always sex with men?”
11. “When are you not a distraction to anyone?”
12. Was that some kind of kinky Aussie pasttime?
13. That’s dumb. You never touch a man you’re not married to so intimately.

This contest is for the ladies. I have another surfboard to give away, plus an ankle bracelet made with seashells, toe rings are included, and that’s not all I’m also adding incense called sea breeze.

Just guess a number between 1 and 50 and this prize can be yours, so act now. The winner will be announce Sunday, August 15th.

Gee, I think I just heard a contest announcers voice.

And the Winner is . . .

The drawing for the contest to celebrate my book launch is today!
Checking over my list and writing out the names.
Twenty-four names went into my hubby’s Aussie hat.
He isn’t an Aussie, he just has the hat.
My nephew Bobby (hubby’s side) came by for a visit, so I enlisted his aide.
And the winner is . . .
Jane can you please get in touch with me, so I can get your prizes to you?
And also let me know if you want the OutBack Steakhouse $25 gift certificate,
 or the one for Pink Petal books?