Thursday’s Thirteen: Windswept Shores’s first Anniversary

This Friday is the first anniversary of my book, Windswept Shores, as a published book.

Thirteen reasons why you should buy my book, Windswept Shores.


1. It’s awesome and I’m not saying that because I’m the author.


Oh yeah, I am too.


2. The hero is an Aussie and has a sexy accent.


What’s better than that?


3. It has a spunky heroine.


4. It’s set in the Bahamas, which is a sexy, fun in the sun local.


5. The setting is a romantic deserted island. No people so they can go naked.


Did I mention its in the Bahamas?


6. Its not all fun and games when they go against–Wild cannibal boars with sharp tusks.


7. Meat eating crabs


8. Attacking sea birds


9. Dangerous brittle trees?


Yes, you heard me. The trees are dangerous too.


10. Two strangers living in close proclivity who fight against their growing attraction for each other.


11. But of course they loose that fight or it wouldn’t be a romance.


12. When they finally do get together the sex is red hot.


13. Hey! Hot SEX on the beach!


***Contest announcement***

Friday is the anniversary, so I’m doing a drawing here on my website for anyone who leaves their email addy along with a meaningful comment.

The prize is a pukka shell necklace and a pair of sand dollar earrings.




Thursday’s Thirteen: Setting the scene

This is excerpt from an article I wrote, when I guest blogged on Cynsights.

I set my book, Windswept Shores, on a deserted island in the Bahamas.

“How did you do that?” you might ask.

Easy, by finding out all that I could about the Bahamas, but not using all of it.
I can imagine your reaction, “Huh?”
Well, yes, we don’t want to over whelm our readers now do we?
I broke it down to this:
1. Color of sea—teal
2. Soil—sandy loam, sand, lots and lots of sand
3. I also had a cliff make entirely of sand stone, more sand!
4. What grows in the Bahamas?—anything that grows in a tropical area, including lots of fruit trees.
5. Fruit trees+fruit=food
6. Birds—sea birds including sea gulls
7. bird+eggs=food (just the eggs, mate)
8. Fish—tropical fish like what you’d see at your local pet store—puffer, lion fish, clown fish.
9. I used the name of a local sport fish—tarpon, it can get to be five feet in length. Fish=food
10. Shellfish—mussels, scallops, and conk=food
11. Dolphin (the mammal kind)—this is fun, they’re spotted!
12. Weather—wet+rain+windy=tropical!
13. I used descriptive words for the sea: ocean, waves, swells, and surf.

You get the idea. I mention the weather a lot in my story, until it becomes almost a secondary character.

***now for the contest***

For this week’s contest I have a wonderful signed 17 by 11 inch poster of my book cover.

Just guess a number between 1 and 50 to win. I’ll post the winning announcement on Sunday, August 22.

Just a reminder but I’m only running these weekly contests till the end of August, so please enter today.

Thursday’s Thirteen: Tea

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In my book, Windswept Shores, my couple Seth and Megan drink tea when they can.

Here’s an excerpt:
Megan gave Seth a cup of weak, unsweetened tea. Into another beat-up cup, she poured hot water from a blackened pot, setting in the same used tea bag. With a nod of satisfaction, she went to an old battered bucket and washed the dish.

Seth finished his tea. The warmth of the liquid and the chowder seeped through his body. His breath caught when he felt his strength return. He stood and carried the dishes to her. After handing over his cup and plate, he smiled down at her, hoping to show his appreciation in his eyes.

“You’re feeling stronger,” she said, her matter-of-fact tone hiding her thoughts.

He grunted, thinking she ought to have thanked him for saving her the work of getting the plates. His jaw set, he turned to walk away.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Off to the bog to leave an offering.” When Megan gave him a blank look, he added, “Call of nature.”

“Oh, it’s that way.” She pointed with her chin. “Just follow the rope.”

Seth ambled over where she indicated. He soon spotted a line made from torn cloth strips. He followed it till he came to an old crate with a crudely cut hole in the top. He studied it for a moment then decided it was a dunny. Tacked to the side was another basket containing several water-damaged magazines. Reading material, while I have a squat? Some pages were torn out. Improvised TP, clever girl. Tied to a nearby tree was a child’s beach bucket filled with water, a small towel, and a crudely made “soap-on-a-rope”—all the conveniences of home.

For some reason that made him feel better. For the first time since he had washed-up on this windswept shore, he relaxed.


Here’s thirteen teas that Seth and Megan wished they had:

1. Ooglong tea: its what you usually get served in Chinese restaurants. I love this tea, its nice full bodied with just enough caffeine in it to give it a bit of a kick.

2. Jasmine Tea: Aromatic and tasty. When I drink this tea I always think of the flowing vines growing in my garden.

3. English Breakfast tea: My sister gave me this for Christmas one year. It has probably as much caffeine in it as coffee does. This tea tastes great and it will wake up up in the morning. Warning: do not drink this of an evening, you won’t sleep all night.

4. Earl Gray: Not my one of my favorite teas, because of its bitterness. But I had to try it because Captain Pecard always drank it, lol.

5. Green tea: You hear a lot about green tea these day; how good it is for you, how it lowers your blood pressure and helps with weight loss. But darn it, its hard to find a good tasting green tea without lemon ruining it. I like my green tea sans lemon, thank you very much.

6. Oujicha: This is my new favorite. It brews a brownish liquid, but it is still green tea. Houjicha is produced by roasting Bancha or Kukicha over high heat. The result is a savory tea full bodied tea, which has that necessary caffeine in it so I can wake up.

7. Chamomile: This one is great if have an upset tummy or a headache. It made from small white flowers that look similar to daisys. Aromatic and soothing, especially if you don’t feel well. Probably a good hang over tea.

8. Chai Tea: This one reminds me of the a taste of a cookie. A sweet dark tea loaded with caffeine.

9. Peppermint: a great one if you have an upset tummy and it tasty too, but no caffeine.

10. Constant Comment: Spicy, bitter with a dash of orange rind. Yuck. Not on my list of teas to drink, but I had to add it.

11. Black Berry Rum: Full body, sweet and fruity. I love this tea. The only thing wrong with it is–I can’t find it anymore. 😦

12. Lipton Tea: Not a tea drinker tea, but I like it. Probably because I like tea with a lot of caffeine in it. And lets face it, caffeine makes tea or anything else bitter. But I use sugar too, lol.

13. White Tea: I haven’t actually tried this tea yet, but I am intrigued. the leaves of white tea are harvested before they are fully opened. Indeed, the name “white tea” is derived from the fine white hair that covers the uppermost tender buds of the plant. For this reason, white tea is sometimes referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of the tea family. Hmm? Roll Royce? Sounds good to me.

This week’s contest is easy, again just guess the winning number, between 1-25, for a mouse pad with my cover couple on it.

And the Winner is . . .

The drawing for the contest to celebrate my book launch is today!
Checking over my list and writing out the names.
Twenty-four names went into my hubby’s Aussie hat.
He isn’t an Aussie, he just has the hat.
My nephew Bobby (hubby’s side) came by for a visit, so I enlisted his aide.
And the winner is . . .
Jane can you please get in touch with me, so I can get your prizes to you?
And also let me know if you want the OutBack Steakhouse $25 gift certificate,
 or the one for Pink Petal books?

Thursday’s Thirteen: Windswept Shores

Since Thursday is LAUNCH DAY for my book, Windswept Shores. I’ve decided that my Thursday’s Thirteen will be thirteen things about my book, with a chance to win a prize.

1. My story is set on a deserted island in the Bahamas
2. My heroine Megan’s plane crashes into the ocean.
3. She’s the only one who makes it to the raft.
4. Megan’s been on the island for two lonely weeks.
5. My hero Seth’s boat hits a reef.
6. He had to swim for shore with no life vest.
7. Megan finds Seth nearly drowned, washed up on the beach.
8. Together they struggle to survive.
9. Against the dangers of the island.
10. The unpredictable weather.
11. And the dangerous creatures that live there.
12. With meager survivor skill between them, will they survive?
13. And will they find love?

Since my hero is an Aussie and my couple is basically eating barbied (barbequed) meals almost daily, I am offering a $25.00 gift certificate to Out Back steak house along with a journal with my book’s cover.

Entering is easy, just leave a comment. I will draw names on Sunday, June 6, and post the winner here.

It's Always Fresh in the Outback

If you don’t have an Outback Steakhouse near you, please tell me when you post a comment and I’ll find something else for the same amount. Maybe a gift certificate to Pink Petal books? Where you can find my book and other romance’s by some really terrific authors.