Sound-a-like Words

Sound-a-like words

By Janice Seagraves


Today my daughter and I were talking about sound-a-like words that  mess up a perfectly good sentence.

Ah—as in Ah, I just got that.

Aw—as in Aw, I’m disappointed.

Awe—as in I’m in Awe of the majestic mountains that surround the Yosemite valley.

Then there is:

There—over there by the car.

Their—is a possessive—That’s their car.

They’re— is a contraction of they are—They’re making a get-a-way in their car.


Yeah—I agree with you.

Yea—a vote.

Yay!—a cheer.

Don’t forget the possessives that don’t always have an apostrophe s (‘s):

Their—possessive of they—that’s their car.

Its—it’s is is a contraction while the possessive of it is its.


What other sound-a-like words can you think of?