Thursday’s Thirteen: Tea

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In my book, Windswept Shores, my couple Seth and Megan drink tea when they can.

Here’s an excerpt:
Megan gave Seth a cup of weak, unsweetened tea. Into another beat-up cup, she poured hot water from a blackened pot, setting in the same used tea bag. With a nod of satisfaction, she went to an old battered bucket and washed the dish.

Seth finished his tea. The warmth of the liquid and the chowder seeped through his body. His breath caught when he felt his strength return. He stood and carried the dishes to her. After handing over his cup and plate, he smiled down at her, hoping to show his appreciation in his eyes.

“You’re feeling stronger,” she said, her matter-of-fact tone hiding her thoughts.

He grunted, thinking she ought to have thanked him for saving her the work of getting the plates. His jaw set, he turned to walk away.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Off to the bog to leave an offering.” When Megan gave him a blank look, he added, “Call of nature.”

“Oh, it’s that way.” She pointed with her chin. “Just follow the rope.”

Seth ambled over where she indicated. He soon spotted a line made from torn cloth strips. He followed it till he came to an old crate with a crudely cut hole in the top. He studied it for a moment then decided it was a dunny. Tacked to the side was another basket containing several water-damaged magazines. Reading material, while I have a squat? Some pages were torn out. Improvised TP, clever girl. Tied to a nearby tree was a child’s beach bucket filled with water, a small towel, and a crudely made “soap-on-a-rope”—all the conveniences of home.

For some reason that made him feel better. For the first time since he had washed-up on this windswept shore, he relaxed.


Here’s thirteen teas that Seth and Megan wished they had:

1. Ooglong tea: its what you usually get served in Chinese restaurants. I love this tea, its nice full bodied with just enough caffeine in it to give it a bit of a kick.

2. Jasmine Tea: Aromatic and tasty. When I drink this tea I always think of the flowing vines growing in my garden.

3. English Breakfast tea: My sister gave me this for Christmas one year. It has probably as much caffeine in it as coffee does. This tea tastes great and it will wake up up in the morning. Warning: do not drink this of an evening, you won’t sleep all night.

4. Earl Gray: Not my one of my favorite teas, because of its bitterness. But I had to try it because Captain Pecard always drank it, lol.

5. Green tea: You hear a lot about green tea these day; how good it is for you, how it lowers your blood pressure and helps with weight loss. But darn it, its hard to find a good tasting green tea without lemon ruining it. I like my green tea sans lemon, thank you very much.

6. Oujicha: This is my new favorite. It brews a brownish liquid, but it is still green tea. Houjicha is produced by roasting Bancha or Kukicha over high heat. The result is a savory tea full bodied tea, which has that necessary caffeine in it so I can wake up.

7. Chamomile: This one is great if have an upset tummy or a headache. It made from small white flowers that look similar to daisys. Aromatic and soothing, especially if you don’t feel well. Probably a good hang over tea.

8. Chai Tea: This one reminds me of the a taste of a cookie. A sweet dark tea loaded with caffeine.

9. Peppermint: a great one if you have an upset tummy and it tasty too, but no caffeine.

10. Constant Comment: Spicy, bitter with a dash of orange rind. Yuck. Not on my list of teas to drink, but I had to add it.

11. Black Berry Rum: Full body, sweet and fruity. I love this tea. The only thing wrong with it is–I can’t find it anymore. 😦

12. Lipton Tea: Not a tea drinker tea, but I like it. Probably because I like tea with a lot of caffeine in it. And lets face it, caffeine makes tea or anything else bitter. But I use sugar too, lol.

13. White Tea: I haven’t actually tried this tea yet, but I am intrigued. the leaves of white tea are harvested before they are fully opened. Indeed, the name “white tea” is derived from the fine white hair that covers the uppermost tender buds of the plant. For this reason, white tea is sometimes referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of the tea family. Hmm? Roll Royce? Sounds good to me.

This week’s contest is easy, again just guess the winning number, between 1-25, for a mouse pad with my cover couple on it.

32 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: Tea

  1. There are some really awesome teas from Yogi Tea that are great if your sick or need an immune system kick, but I like Chamomile tea. #22


    • Hi Yadira,

      I haven’t tried that one yet, but it sounds like a good one for the winter time when the cold and flue season is in full swing. I may get it on my next shopping trip.

      Okay, I got you down for #22. Please check back for the winning number.

      Happy TT.


  2. Great tie-in. My fave is green tea with toasted rice, followed by jasmine tea. I rarely drink tea if I’m not eating Asian food, so these work perfectly for me.


  3. I am soooo addicted to tea. Sweet tea, that is. 🙂 Great list, Janice, and I love the book excerpt. I wish you a ton of sales! 🙂


  4. My favorite is actually a mixture of two different Chai teas from Teavanna. They refer to it as “yellow” Chai since one is a white tea and the other is a mate.

    White tea is delicious, but more expensive.

    Thanks to your post I’m now jonesing for tea!


  5. I used to really like Earl Grey tea, but I’ve gone off it a bit. There’s a similar tea called Lady Grey that I like much better. I also love a good cup of chai.


  6. They now have a Lady Grey tea which is really good, not as bitter as the
    Earl. Mint tea is my other fav. #15
    There are so many interesting teas out now that it boggles the mind. LOL


    • Hi Earlene,

      Oh, I’ve tried Lady Grey, and yes it is a lot smoother tasting. Much better than Earl Grey. Have you tried Prince of Wales tea? Its good too.

      I’m not sure but I think there is more flavors and types of tea than there are coffee, but Starbucks may prove me wrong, lol.

      I have you down for #15.

      Have a great weekend.


  7. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve drank Lipton nearly all my life, maybe that’s why I like it. And it is excellent as an ice tea. Good to know that’s the sweet tea they serve in the South.

    Okay, I have you don’t for #12.

    Have a great weekend.


  8. You forgot gunpowder green tea, though it is hard to get in the stores. It’s marvelous. The little tea leaves come tightly coiled in a ball that unfurls as the tea steeps. Lovely! I usually order my specialty teas from Upton Tea Imports. They have all the unusual stuff plus the ones you’ve listed here. I love tea!


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