Mini lesson: Contractions

Mini lesson:


by Janice Seagraves

Are you having problems with It’s, Its or Your, You’re well you not alone. A lot of people have problems with contractions.

Here’s a way to tell if you’re writing a word that is or isn’t a contraction, say it out loud. The one that I have the most problems with is your or you’re–So I say it out loud.

Example: Your going to the movies.

Say it out loud: You are going to the movies.

You are fits so you need you’re for this sentence.

Correct: You’re going to the movies.

If you can put you are in the sentence then you need you’re. If not then you need your, which is a possessive form.

Example: Here’s you’re coat.

Say it out loud: Here’s you are coat.

You are doesn’t fit.

However, in this sentence you need a possessive form, so you need your in this sentence.

Correct: Here’s your coat.

Another one I have problems with is It’s or Its.

Example: Its raining again.

Again say it out loud: It is raining again.

It is fits so I need a contraction in this sentence.

Correct: it’s raining again.

Its is a possessive of it, so if you talking about a thing belonging to another thing then you need a possessive.

The car has its own cover.

Say it out loud: The car has it is own cover.

It is doesn’t fit and you need a possessive here, so you need its.

Correct: The car has its own cover.