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Down the Author Marketing Rabbit Hole!

Whoa! What’s down that Author Marketing Rabbit Hole? Will you be able to control your slide? Will you end up in hell, or worse, with no book sales? Alice may have been a brave soul, but you’re an author and marketing is far scarier than the Queen of Hearts.

Let’s make this simple. I’ll be your guide, your personal Mad Hatter. But remember, everything I tell you makes perfect sense; all you need to do is allow yourself to hear with your creative ears. Let’s start at the top.

Marketing is NO DIFFERENT than Writing

Most fearful authors skirt the Marketing Rabbit Hole because they imagine marketing to be so far from their creative skill set, it’s impossible to learn. No so! In fact, marketing, done well and with enthusiasm, is EXTREMELY creative, exactly like you are!

If you write a novel and put every effort into being creative and excited about the story environment, characters, and events, why would you give any less to creating awareness for that book? If something didn’t fit well with the flow of your plot, you’d change or eliminate it, right? The same goes for marketing. Every effort, every approach, every strategy must move your success efforts forward.

An author’s first hurtle is to stop seeing marketing as foreign or the enemy, and start looking at it as the success ally is really is. Once you make friends with marketing, a million doors open for you.

Okay, let me put on my Mad Hatter hat and lead you on the ride of your life. Sit here on the edge and …

Slip and Slide Down the Creative Marketing Trail

Whatever your book is about, whatever the genre, and whatever specific hooks you’ve written inside it, you can easily find wide and deep audiences beyond the limiting book genre strategies. Let’s slither along the idea path and see what can happen.

Imagine your book is a mystery about a suspicious death in a health club. Your main character and protagonist is handicapped from serving military duty, and frequents the gym regularly to keep strong and in shape. He joins the biking club that the victim belonged to and rides with them all over the country, learning bits and pieces that lead to solving the murderer.

Now, what are the unique hooks in this book? I see health clubs, biking, military, and travel. Those alone lead to lots of people who will love this book; however, the Marketing Rabbit Hole goes much deeper to uncover many, many more directions for the author to travel. Let’s take each unique hook and extrapolate it as far as it will go. These words are called SUPER Genre descriptive words. REMEMBER, each descriptive word must lead to a prospective audience, so words like fear, bloody, or red herring should appear in your SUPER Genre. Those words describe the emotions or elements of the story, but not prospective audiences. Okay, here goes:

• Health Clubs – gyms, yoga, hiking, spinning, cross training, healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, health food websites, healthy life bloggers
• Biking – biking clubs, bike shops, biking websites, bike enthusiast bloggers
• Military – wounded soldier recovery organizations, military family clubs and organizations, military wife bloggers, handicapped inspirational websites and organizations
• Travel – Travel clubs, travel agent websites, travel focused bloggers, bike tour websites, and bike competition websites

Now, instead of standing at the top of the Author Marketing Rabbit Hole and shouting to mystery genre lovers and mystery book clubs along with every other mystery author on the planet, you’ve just uncovered a total of 22 new targeted audiences full of people who will love your book. These are people interested in the things inside your book, and people to reach out to and connect with. These are book buyers who will become loyal fans because you reached out to them where they live—not where they are bombarded by books and author promotions all the time.

Search for these people on twitter, Facebook and in your own neighborhood. Join yahoo groups that focus on these unique hook topics. Locate these unique hook bloggers and offer to guest blog to their audience, an audience that will be thrilled and flattered to hear from an author, especially with a book that focuses on things they enjoy. Contact website owners and offer to write a monthly short article on the topic in exchange for a free add for your book and the buy link on the website. They get content; you get access to their already captive customer base. These things work! These people are interested. All you need to do is be brave enough to take the leap. If one says no, move on to the next. These approaches are loaded with your target hook lovers.

And here’s the best part—there’s not another author in sight. These audiences are all yours.

Write Brain/Left Brain:
Bridging the Gap between Creative Writer and Marketing Author
Marketing is a very scary prospect for authors. It seems like a foreign language meant to be spoken in a far off land without an embassy to help explain the culture. None of this is true. It isn’t marketing that’s the issue—it’s a fear and general misunderstanding of marketing in relation to an author’s talents and skill set.

It’s time to open the author’s mind to the purely creative aspects of marketing as it relates directly to their specific book and audience. WRITE BRAIN/LEFT BRAIN skillfully bridges the gap between creative writer and marketing author, and opens the wide road to sales success.

Available at Amazon and B&N

Deborah Riley-Magnus is an author and an Author Success Coach. She has a twenty-seven year professional background in marketing, advertising, and public relations as a writer for print, television, and radio. She writes fiction and non-fiction.

In 2013 her nonfiction, Finding Author Success (Second Edition), and Cross Marketing Magic for Authors were released. Her newest book, Write Brain/Left Brain, focuses on bridging the gap between the creative writer and the marketing author.

Deborah produces several pieces monthly for various websites and online publications. She writes an author industry blog and teaches online and live workshops as The Author Success Coach. She belongs to several writing and professional organizations.

Blog http://rileymagnus.wordpress.com/
Teach http://theauthorsuccesscoach.com/
Fiction http://drmagnusfantasy.com/
Tweet http://twitter.com/rileymagnus
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/deborah.rileymagnus
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I should be sooo tired!

Authors in Blooms Blog Hop

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If you are looking for the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop then you have found it.

I love gardening and planting things in pots that bloom and growing tomatoes are two of my favorite things.

So is taking photos of blooms as you can see from the following pictures.

Climbing Jasmine

Climbing Jasmine from the arch over my gate

Bush type snapdragon

Bush type snapdragon

Aztec lilly

Aztec Lilly

I live in the country in a almond orchard. The blooms are amazing. Here’s some photos taken early in March.

Bees boxes and some blooms

Bees boxes and some blooms

Almond blooms against the sunset and clouds

Almond blooms against the sunset and clouds

Almond blooms against the sunset

Almond blooms against the sunset

A row of almond trees in bloom (and one of my walking areas)

A row of almond trees in bloom (and one of my walking areas)

I have two sets of advice for gardening. If you have problems with your back or hands, don’t let it stop you from gardening. You can always plant your garden in pots. Flowers do amazing in pots, so do tomatoes and a lot of other veggies.

The second piece of advice is if you have a heirloom verity tomato you want to save or another one that you favor, there is a easy way to save the seed. Squeeze out some of the seed out on a napkin, smear it out flat and allow it to dry, then store in a zip lock (or similar) bag or a jar. When you’re ready to plant, tear off the seed and plant it into a peat pot or small pot. Water and watch it grow.

My last tomato from my potted garden. Picked in December.

My last tomato from my potted garden. Picked in December.

I also mention flowers in one of my books, Matrix Crystal Hunters.


Team Alpha Three’s spaceship is out of power after fighting a wormhole, and parked on the primitive world of Zenevieva. With half the team sick from radiation poisoning, the team commander entrust geologist, Maya Gladstone, to find enough matrix crystals to power up their spacecraft, so they can go home to Earth.
Vach Namaste of the powerful Clan Namaste, a native of the planet, has desire the lovely Maya since she stepped off the spaceship on that astonishing day a year ago. He’s hounded her every step since. As Hymeneal Night approaches, he makes plans to take her as his bride… willing or not.

Garden excerpt:

They walked through another gate which led to an orchard. “What do you think of Vach?”

Maya smiled. “That’s a loaded question.”

“Is it?” The old woman looked at her.

“Yes. He’s persistent, stubborn, smart-mouthed and arrogant.”

“Yet you say all that with a smile on your face,” the old woman said, giving Maya a shrewd look.

“Yeah, well, he can be awfully charming too.” Maya gave a little laugh.

The old woman chuckled. “Yes, my grandson does have a way about him.”

“Yes, he does.” She looked at the older woman. “About the matrix crystals—”

“Let me ask you a question instead.” Grandmother pointed out a field filled with huge, bright red blossoms. “These are treacle flowers. We collect the nectar, then allow it to dry so we can use it as a sweetener. You enjoyed that in your tea today.”

Maya admired the flowers. “I’ve heard of treacle flowers before.”

“Have   you   heard    of    the    treacle   flower’s pollinator?”

She shook her head. “Uh, no, I haven’t.”

“There’s a type of lizard that pollinates the flowers. They lick up the nectar, but they receive spots of pollen right here.” She touched the middle of Maya’s forehead. “If we allow the lizards to pollinate the flowers, they’ll lap up all the nectar and we’ll have none. But if we ring off the field with sulfur crystals, they don’t come near the flowers and we get the nectar.”

Maya looked for the ditch and sulfur crystals, and soon spotted them. “How do you pollinate the flowers then?”

“We don’t. We use the seeds from another field that we allowed to be pollinated.”

Maya frowned. “How is this connected to the matrix crystals?”

“I’ll think about it.” The canny old woman turned to enter the house.


Matrix Crystal Hunters is available:

US Kindle

UK Kindle



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