40 Years of Star Trek is up for grabs!

Raise your hand if you were raised on Star Trek?

Maybe this dates me but I remember the old campy Star Trek with Willam Shatner as the intrepid and often the space play boy Captain James T. Kirk, and the straight faced Vulcan side kick Spock played by Leonard Nimoy.

The props of “Star Trek” have boldly gone to a place where the intrepid crew never took the Enterprise: the Bronx.

Here in the link above is an Audio Slide Show: Artifacts of ‘Star Trek’has been beamed up to the Bronx to be cataloged, photographed and auctioned by Christie’s.

The link takes a while to load up, so please be patient.

That’s all for now; Live long and prosper!

4 comments on “40 Years of Star Trek is up for grabs!

  1. I’m a little old to be raised on it but we watched every show. And all the movies. And all the spinoffs. And anything they will do in future.

    My favorite is still Voyager though. I always thought Kirk was on the smarmy side although I loved the rest of the crew.


  2. DS9 is my fave, followed in a close second with Voyager, minus the Kes seasons.

    Peter is the big fan of TOS, and got the kids all hooked.

    I really don’t like James T. Kirk… :)))


  3. The first Star Trek is the only REAL Star Trek for me. I didn’t get to see it until my teens because t.v. was pretty restricted in my house.


  4. Hi Ann,

    I like Voyager too, and yeah Kirk was a bit much–like one comedian said of him “Captain Kirk will over acts for no reason–at all!”

    Hi Ipodmomma,

    Yep, they are all good. Good choices.

    Hi Madcap,

    Oh that’s too bad, but I’m sure your parents did it for the best of attentions. Our TV ran from early until really late some times, because my dad suffered from arthritis and couldn’t sleep.

    My favorite has always been Spock, and I like the way he and “Bones” always would spared with each other at the end of the show. Now with the new show Enterprise Ta-pal is starting to spar in the same way with Trip, and I like it!

    Lady Jan~


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