Happy Birthday My Baby Girl!

The whole gang, exempt me, as I’m behind the camera.
Are we ready to have fun?
See the boat behind them? There are a lot of old boats around the place.
I guess they are using them for decorations.

This is where we went.

The Island Water Park in Fresno.

We got the after 3:00 o’clock rate even though we we’re 15 minutes early, but it was a savings of almost ten dollars per person.

In side the Life guards we’re young–teens I think, or just a little older, and snotty.

And the snack bar was very slow.

YGF acting . . .Strange. . .er. . .Strong?

Gina, pretty in pink. Posted by Picasa

My daughter wouldn’t go down any of the slides, as she was afraid she’d get sick.

And the water park is mostly slides.

Her friends tried to talk her into going with them down the slides with them, while I went and rented a double inter tube as they wouldn’t let my daughter use her float. But my daughter has a stubborn streak(gee, I don’t know where she gets it from) and refused to go down even one slide.

I told Gina and YGF to go ahead and go down the slides with out her, and they did, and had a great time too.

Our Birthday girl.

Are we having fun. . . . . .Yet?
She wasn’t .
Even though I lathered myself with two coats of spf 45 sunblock I still got a little sunburned going around, and around the Lazy River with my daughter for over an hour.
It was the only thing she would do there.
In the picture above she is at the wave pool, but the wave maker was broken.
An other thing that she wasn’t too happy about.
And she felt that her friends had ditched her, and I’m the one that told them to go.
Well, I guess we are not coming here again.
Too bad too I thought it was kinda fun.
And we paid all that money just for her friends to have a good time.
A short bit on my husband
My husband is a good guy he volunteered to sit with our stuff at the table–all by himself. I would go over and spell him from time to time so he could use the restroom, or get something at the snack bar.
Then this one time I left the girls to spell my husband, and afterwards I stood in line to get a coke for myself. The line wasn’t that long but it was real really slow. God awful slow as a matter of fact. Then I finally got my soda I turned around, and saw a young blond woman standing in-front and slightly to one side of my husband at another table. Doing what I’m not really sure. She was wearing on of those bathing suits that are made to show off her butt, and it was crammed half way up her crack. And she had her butt pointed at my husband in a way that didn’t seem at all natural.
I thought,
What is she doing? Oh no, I don’t think so.
I check on my husband–no he is not looking at her. Actually he was watching the kids in Splash Away Bay(the kiddie pool), we have a good view from our table of the cute little children playing there.
Then she-oh-so casually looked over her shoulder to check, and see if my husband was check out her ass-sets. It was so odvious to be almost laughable, excent for the fact it was my husband she was doing that to. Then I guess she saw me from the corner of her eye, maybe she thought I was another man. She had to crane her neck a bit more to get a good look at me.
I gave her a time honored look that older woman have been giving younger woman for thousands of years.
It said, “I don’t think so Bi-a-tch!”
What I really think she really saw was a 45 year old, stout, red head, with a 32 ounces of cold coke in her hand, with a mean glint in her eye, bearing down on her.
Then she high tailed out of there real quick! Like a cartoon.
I sat down with my husband, and casually asked him “did you see the chick trying to show off her butt to you?”
“What chick. . .er. . .woman?”
“The one that was standing right here.”
I said, pointing to the spot that she had hastily vacated.
“Oh no, I didn’t notice. Um, what did you say she was she doing?”
“Never mind dear. Here have some coke.”
“But that was for you.”
“That’s okay, I’ll share.”
That’s my guy, and she didn’t know he’s not a butt man. Oh no, he likes something more to the front and higher, which she seem to have in short supply.
Well, she can just SIT on her BEST feature as far as I’m concerned.
I put my elbow on the table and gave my husband a view of my best feature, he took a sip of the coke and grinned at me.

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A day later:
Our Birthday girl and her ice cream cake.
We put fifteen candles on it.
Um, YGF is seems to be cleaning one of the candles here I think?

A bouquet of flowers my husband gave to our daughter for her B-Day.

I actually pick them out, and told my husband I thought he should be the one to give them to her. He said, “I think so too, and thank you for helping me look like a good guy.”

I told him, “that was easy because he was a good guy.” And then I kissed him on the cheek.

Pizza, ice cream pie, a bouquet of flowers, and YGF what more could a girl want?

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6 comments on “Happy Birthday My Baby Girl!

  1. Too bad the waterslides weren’t so much fun for her, but that story about your husband was pretty funny!

    Yup, simple is better. Happy Birthday!


  2. Hi Janice ~~ You tried so hard to give your daughter a great day, but if she didn’t feel safe she was right to not go on the Slide. Your husand is a good guy
    and I am glad you recognise that.
    Thanks for your comments, sorry you didn’t like the lamb. It must be different to ours in some way. Thanks
    again for wishes for my daughter, she
    should be right now after 3 surgeries in 7 weeks. Take care, Merle.


  3. Feeling like your friends have ditched you on your birthday sucks.

    I remember buying my own birthday cake once because I wanted to celebrate. I took it in to the restaurant I worked at to share with the closing staff. They thought I was weird, but had no problem devouring the cake.

    When I was a teenager, one year we went to the wave pool. My buddies decided to pick me up and throw me in… the shallow end. Fresh out of the locker room, I hit my head on the bottom of the pool – straight to Emergency for stitches.

    On the flipside, many, many wonderful birthdays surrounded both those events for many, many, (many) years!


  4. When will these young ones realize that they should be learning from us, not trying to upstage us? Don’t they know there is nothing more powerful than an over-40 woman? Especially one with a good solid set of …assets. : )


  5. Hi Madcap,

    Yeah, it is too bad about the water park, and I’m glad you thought the story about my husband was funny. At the time I was miffed at her–but not my husband, but looking back I can smile a little bit.

    Hi Merle,

    Well, she just didn’t feel comfortable going, and I didn’t push.

    Yeah, my husband is a good guy, it’s the young woman that wasn’t.

    And that ‘was’ a first for me, as I had never actually seen anyone flurt with their butt before.

    Maybe your lamb is sweeter or something? And I wish I liked it as well.

    I hope your daughter makes a full recovery. Having surgery on your hand didn’t sound too pleasent, poor thing.

    Hi Turtle Guy,

    Oh dear, there are worse things that can happen on your birthday aren’t there? Having stiches on your’s was pretty bad, and also being called weird(I didn’t think it was weird).

    I hope you and my daughter next birthdays are a lot better.

    Hi Sarah,

    I think you are right, and maybe we should have just took off to Fresno(the biggest city near us), and just see what happens. And we might just do that next year.

    Hi W.T.,

    Yeah, I agree, he he.

    I have some really good supportive bras(for my best asset), but as far as I know that little chickipoo wouldn’t be able to get a butt bra. But who know what the future will hold.

    Lady Jan~


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