Young Goth Friend and Boy Friend!

YGF has got a boy friend, and has given me permission to post their picture together.
So here is YGF (Young Goth friend)and her boy Friend (or BF) G. Or I guess BFG (to be more confusing).
Say hello everybody!

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5 comments on “Young Goth Friend and Boy Friend!

  1. Somehow, you two just look right together. I really don’t think I’d do goth that well. Turtles look better in black masks anyway.


  2. Hi everybody,

    Thank you for leaving commnet for YGF on her BF, I’ll pass on the messages the next time she is over. Your continued good wishes mean a lot to her.

    Thank you again Lady Jan~

    p.s. Turtle you just keep wearing that mask, shh I wont tell it’s you.


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