There be Knights at the Fair!

The white knight the local hero!
The black knight the challenger!
Lady Kimberly representing for the ladies.
I think I forgot to mention this one is something of a ham? Posted by Picasa

The joust was exciting, the two knights fought furiously breaking lances after lance against one and other’s shield, until a pile of broken lances where piled on either side.

It was the black knight won the joust match, and the white knight threw down his gauntlet challenged the other to a dual. Then the black knight also threw in his gauntlet accepting the challenge.

They fought with sword until the sparks flew and the swords sang, really they sang like in that movie the singing sword–you didn’t see it? Boy did you miss out.

Then the black knight drew a line in the dirt and spat across it daring the other to cross it, then the white knight drew his own line. Then they played tic tac toe. I am not making this up they did.

Then two cousins (as it happens they are related), then finished the battle with a heated game of rock paper scissors, then hugged and made-up.

3 comments on “There be Knights at the Fair!

  1. Sparks flew??? Wow… I suppose they would! Did these sparks have anything to do with the lady and the knight? Hmm????


  2. Hi Little Jen,

    Nope, but if you go to Renaissance faires and festivals you might see something of the like.

    Hi Dave,

    No, sorry that was another cousin.

    Lady Jan~


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