8 comments on “The Ladies of Bird Rescue giving us the bird!

  1. It wouldn’t have been a shame to waste those pictures, it would have been a crime. They are three very good photos. The lady in the first one looks like she’s been sucking a lemon.


  2. More nice birds.

    Bloglines isn’t working very well. I apologize for the delay in reading. Finally decided to just click on your blog and see if there was anything new.

    There was.


  3. WOW that is one big bird, would love to be able to hold one.. actually I dont think I could might peck me or something.


  4. Hi Willow tree,

    Thank you, and I’ll told my daughter and she was delighted someone felt that way.

    Heh heh, I think so too.

    Hi Lee,

    Your welcome, and I like the birds too, especially the big one.

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you.

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, and very dedicated people as well. I have had the privaledge to speak with some and I admire what they are doing.

    Hi Gwen,

    Well, it’s either that or make pumkin pie. But since I don’t like pumkin pie this is more fun.

    Hi Ann,


    Yes, here I is.

    Hi Little Jen,

    Well, they don’t normally let people hold them for just that reason.

    Thank you everyone for your comments, Your Lady Jan~


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