Thursday’s Thirteen: October’s to do list

Since its October first or nearly at this posting, here are thirteen things for October in no particular order.

I would have posted some photos but my internet service is acting funny.

1. Setting out the autumn decorations.

2. Getting out and decorating for Halloween. It’s not the same decorations as the autumn ones.

3. Raking fall leaves. I really hate this chore. We have sycamore trees, they have big leaves. Lots and lots of them.

4. Dusting the house and getting it ready, so I can shut all the windows for the cold season.

5. Picking out a pumpkin. I don’t do this quite so much now that my daughter is older.

6. Pulling out the spent spring flowers and planting fall bulbs or more mums.

7. Cleaning out my planters and planting some fall flowers.

8. Putting away all the shorts and summer clothes. Then digging out of the back of my closet for my long sleeve blouses and long pants. Cool weather clothes, oh how I miss thee.

9. Costume making time. My daughter has taken over this chore. She’s too old for trick-or-treating, but there’s an Ani-jam on Halloween that’s she’ll be attending. She won third place in the last one for her costume she had made.

10. Buying Halloween candy. We don’t get trick-or-treaters, we live too far out of town but I buy them for my small family. We like candy. 🙂

11. This year it’s on us for my daughter’s senior year school picture. It all has to be done by October 15th.

12. Get sign up for the Nanowritmo (National Novel Writer’s Month). It’s always a crazy month for me, but for the last three years I have finished in time with a 50,000 word novel.

13. Celebrate my hubby’s Birthday. His B-day is on the 29th.

14 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: October’s to do list

  1. I swapped summer clothing for winter a few weeks ago, it’s been that cool here this year, and already have a scarecrow hanging on my apartment door. The girl next door has a skeleton on hers. Can’t wait ’til we go to Epelgaarden for apples and pumpkins!


    • Hi Heather,

      Today it was really cool for the first time in over three months. My daughter was muttering “its really cold.” I have my autumn decorations out but not my Halloween ones.

      Enjoy the apples.

      Happy TT,


  2. It’s time for me to put away the summer clothes too, and do a little extra autumn cleaning. And maybe get some autumn flowers. And buy candles! Nothing like candles for those long dark evenings that will soon be here.

    I sort of like the feeling of stocking up for the long, cold winter. Makes me feel cosy!


  3. What is this dusting of which you speak? LOL!!
    Yep, it’s time to get ready for the cold weather.
    And congrats on your daughter’s 3rd place!!!! I’ll bet she’ll do even better this year!


    • Hi Jen,

      Well you take a cloth and wipe away the dust?

      Thank you I think she will too, she’s getting better at costumes making. You should see the costume she’s making for a friend it coming out really nice.

      Happy TT.


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