Thursday’s Thirteen: Things my hero’s says

I’m posting thirteen sayings, one to four word statements that my Aussie hero, Seth, says.

  1. Blimey-words fail me.
  2. Bloody hell–not just hell but bloody hell, just makes it so much worse.
  3. Isn’t that a beaut?–isn’t this great?
  4. You’re still spunky–I don’t care about your age, your very attractive.
  5. Got hitched once–I was married before.
  6. I became a Surfie–I’m a surfer.
  7. Take the bloody thing off–take your bra off.
  8. A cuppa–a cup of tea.
  9. Rubbish–what a load of garbage
  10. Hold on a tick–just a minute
  11. karcked-it–its dead.
  12. Bugger it all–I’m not happy with this.
  13. Abso-bloody–lutely–I agree with you and will be glad to do it.

This weeks contest is for another mini surfboard. There was such a great response to the last one I offered that I decided to decorate another one.

This one has one of my hero Seth’s favorite saying: Abso-bloody-lutely.

I just finished painting it.

Just pick a number between 1 and 25 and this baby could be yours.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, August 1.

22 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: Things my hero’s says

  1. Hi Larriane,

    I had Good day, mate on another post. Didn’t want to keep repeating myself, lol. 🙂

    Okay, I have you down for #12. Please check back on Sunday for the winning announcement.



  2. my favorite number was already taken so I’m gonna use my birthday number #3 which is next week. These are getting so common here in the US too. I know I say some of them myself.


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