Thursday’s thirteen: Why You Should Buy My Book

Thirteen reasons why you should buy my book, Windswept Shores.

1. It’s awesome and I’m not saying that because I’m the author.

Oh yeah, I am too.

2. The hero is an Aussie and has a sexy accent.

What’s better than that?

3. It has a spunky heroine.

4. It’s set in the Bahamas

5. The setting is a romantic deserted island.

Did I mention its in the Bahamas?

6. Its not all fun and games when they go against–Wild cannibal boars

7. Meat eating crabs

8. Attacking sea birds

9. Dangerous brittle trees?

Yes, you heard me. The trees are dangerous.

10. Two strangers living in close proclivity fight against their growing attraction for each other.

11. But of course they loose that fight or it wouldn’t be a romance.

12. When they finally do get together the sex is red hot.

13. Hey! Hot SEX on the beach!

***Contest announcement***

This is the last one people.

Guess a number between one and fifty.

And the winner gets a free download of my book.

I will announce the winner here on Sunday, August 29th.

24 comments on “Thursday’s thirteen: Why You Should Buy My Book

  1. Hi Janice. I just found you through coffee time romance on facebook. Love the cover and your book sounds so good. I think I will guess the number 33. Thank you for the giveaway.


  2. Fine. You sold mel (Hint: Offer to cry if they don’t buy it. That works for me. LOL)
    I choose the number 42 since I’ll BE 42 in a couple of weeks.


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