2011 Goals

My goal this year is to work on my ms Alien Heart and get it ready to send to a publisher. To attained my goal I’ve sighed up for editpalooza at Savvy writers. Next month, February, I plan to once again take the self-editing class through Rose’s colored glasses. I want to make sure I have the fundamentals down.

Then it’ll be back to critiqing at Roses critique group.

7 comments on “2011 Goals

  1. Janice,
    I like your goals. Its great to know yourself well enough to understand the extent and time it takes to reach our goals. Especially when life seems to jump in and bamboozle us 🙂
    I hope you reach all your goals,


  2. Good luck with your goals, I’m sure you’ll obtain them. I loved participating in those classes at Roses Colored Glasses. What I thought I knew, I didn’t and where I thought I was shaky, got that right. Go figure. But I nailed POV. Although there is an editor out there who might disagree. lol


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