Thursday’s Thirteen: Conjunctions other than “And”

A lot of new and experienced writers lean very heavily on the word “and,” so many in fact that “and” has became one of the top overused words.

Thirteen conjunction words to use instead of “And.”

1. Then
2. Besides
3. in addition
4. too
5. also
6. plus
7. in addition to
8. as well as
9. furthermore
10. including
11. moreover
12. more than that
13. together with

17 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: Conjunctions other than “And”

    • Hi Xakara,

      Actually you can and I got in trouble on my very first edit with my editor for that very same thing. But I have to agree with her, too many “ands” and your story end up looking like child is writing to Santa Clause: and I want a dolly and a bike and a teddy bear.



  1. Hi Heather,

    Oh, so they are. Sorry about that, but I did have to come up with thirteen.

    As for “or” and “but” they not a good substitute for “and” because their use is to offer an alternative not an addition to.

    To quote the Scare Crow, “You can go this way, or you can go this way.”



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