One of the fun things about research is the field trip. 😀

This is the bottom of lake Kaweah. The water is drained so that they could fix the damn, and now the river now runs again in it’s old river bed.

More of the rocks and water.

This is Robert my daughter’s boyfriend. I asked him to pose for me.

Ah, now he’s just showing off.

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  1. Field trips are always fun and good research. Even if the trip you’re taking is not for research (like you’re heading out to hotel where you’re an author guest, vacation, etc…), an author should always keep pad and pen in the car, or take even a digital recorder and camera to record things they see that strikes them and pictures.


    • Hi Sapphire,

      That’s the one thing I forgot, a note pad and pen. 😦 But I did remember my camera and took lots of pictures. 🙂

      The next trip I will remember that note pad.



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