Thursday’s Thirteen: More Photos of Huntington Lake

I took so many photos on my field trip it seems a shame not to share more of them. The area just above Huntington Lake is where my alien compound will be.

1.A creek. I took this photo leaning over the side of a bridge. There were fisherman down there but I didn’t ask them what they were catching.

2. My daughter was “getting” her dad here. I don’t remember what he said to her but she “got him” for it.

3. First view of Huntington lake

4. Nearly the view of  Huntington Lake, but the first one was taken back in April of the same year with the ice sheet still on it. And the second one was taken in June (same year) after the snow melted.

5. Now that the snow had melted, I could see that some of these mountain tops were solid rock.

6. Down by Huntington Lake.

7. For a recreational area the forest here is still thickly wooded.

8. Another view of the lake.

9. My daughter’s boyfriend found a log across a small creek to sit on. I told him to sit up straight.

10. Here you go ladies, my daughter BF is taking off his clothes. Actually he just stripped down to his swimming shorts.

11. My daughter and BF going for a dip in the lake. Unfortunately, my daughter found out the water here is icy cold and didn’t go in deeper than her knees.

12. Here my hubby on the left, my daughter in the middle and my daughter’s BF on the right.

13. One last look at Huntington Lake.

Have you been able to take a trip this summer? Where did you go and did you have fun?

6 comments on “Thursday’s Thirteen: More Photos of Huntington Lake

  1. Looks like a very pretty place! Where is it? I went on Tuesday to the mesa, my fave place in the world.


    • Hi D’Ann,

      We went to Huntington Lake. It’s in California, just above Shaver Lake. Real pretty country up there.

      That’s great that you got to go some place you love.



    • Hi Savannah,

      Thank you. 🙂 It is as pretty as the photos I took. My alien compound will be set just above there and I might even use some of the photos I took in the book trailer.



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