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If you’re looking for the Tortured Hero Blog Hop then you have found it!

My hero Seth in Windswept Shores is torture by his past. He’s running away from his manipulative parents and wants none of their plans for him and his future.


Seth strolled back out with a photo album which he set down on the small dining table. Megan turned off the stove and set the pot on a folded tea towel to cool. She walked over, wiping her hands on another one she used as an apron.

Megz, here’s the photos that’ll say what’s what.” He opened the album. “This is my dad.”

“He’s in a suit?” she asked, realizing that it looked expensive.

“My da’s a businessman, though he used to mine opals, and that’s my mum.”

“Can you get rich mining opals?” she asked, noting the smart clothes.

He frowned out the window, but didn’t say anything a moment.

Megan rubbed his shoulders. “Seth, what are you not telling me?”

Megz… I not sure…”

She slid into the opposite seat. “What is it?” Megan studied his apprehensive expression. “Is it bad?”

Naw, blokes just have a bad reaction at the news.” He paused for a moment longer and took a deep breath. “Usually, they put the bite on me when I tell ‘emme da isa bloody rich man.”

“Good heavens.” She stared at the man she thought she knew while she tried to reconcile this fun, hard loving, sometimes badly dressed guy who was also a rich man’s son. “So, that’s how your parents were able to send you to college in the states?”

“My parents wanted me to go to Yale, but I reckoned on Cal State Long Beach because of the surfing. They were just glad I was going.”

“My son Josh goes there.”

“Maybe I ran into him?”

“Two years ago was his freshman year. Josh Lorry, tall skinny with wavy black hair?”

“Hmm, naw, rings no bells.” He turned the page to a photo of three well dressed, brown-headed boys. “These are my two older brothers, but they died in a car crash when I was younger. So, I’m an only child now. My parents wanted me to step into my eldest brother’s shoes.”

“Oh?” Megan studied his unhappy expression. “Did they pressure you?”

“Blimey, Megz, you do ask questions.” He leaned back in the seat, frowning. “Oy they did. Da wants me to take over the company someday. Mum wanted me to be successful at something’. I just wanted a good time. I got married young, divorced, went to Uni, but then took off during spring break. I reckon I ran from it all.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your brothers. But you can’t run from your responsibilities, darling. Sooner or later, it will catch up to you. Are both your parents still alive?”

“Last time I looked.” He smirked. “They’ll have to hunt me down to this here island if they want me back.”


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  1. I do love my hero’s tortured also. Emotional, physical (if silk ties and hand cuffs are involves) anything to make a story more intense. It is also sad about the blog hops being cancelled. I love being part of them. But she did say once she recovered from her surgery she would get things back on line.


    • Hi Lynda,

      LOL. Me too. 🙂

      Thank you for telling me that it was canceled. I am disappointed since I sighed up for the next two as well as this one. I guess, I’ll have to find two more to do.



  2. the tortured hero stories seem a bit more realistic than the happily every after – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com


  3. I love your artistic sensibility. The stars and something I can’t explain about the atmosphere. Very nice! The site and the book covers. (no contest for me, thanks, I just don’t enter them)


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