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I’ve always loved the beauty of blooms. When I’ve done the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop before, I’d post photos of my garden and blooms from the almond orchard where we lived in a hundred year old farm house. Since then we’ve moved into a house in the city.

So this year I have taken photos of the blooms of our very own trees that came with the house.DSC_1488

This one is from a lemon tree. The blooms have a sweet citrus-floral scent. The interesting thing about the lemon trees is that they produce two or more crops of lemons a year.


This lovely bright pink bloom is from the nectarine tree. Nectarines are my favorite fruit, so I’m thrilled that we get to eat from then fresh from our very own home grown trees. And they are good. I was privileged to pick them in the morning right after we just moved in and have had one or two for breakfast.


This one is from the peach tree.  The blooms look very similar to the almond trees and that’s because they are related. Decades of cross breeding was done, so that the almond tree can produce nothing but the tasty almonds. The peach on the other hands was developed for the fruit.They are also related to the nectarine which is considered a fuzzless peach.

This is the almond bloom just so you can compare the peach with the almond bloom. Sorry for the extreme close up.

2014-02-24 17.31.58

I did manage with help from my husband to plant a small flower garden at our new home. I’m also working on the vegetable garden in the back yard. Its still a work in progress.


My best advice on growing a flower or a vegetable garden or fruit trees is take in consideration the amount of sun exposure you have and the size of the spot you’re limited to, then ask your local garden supplier what you can plant in that spot. Chances are there is something you can grow there that will be amazing.

Here’s some great tips:

Good luck. 🙂

In my recent book, Windswept Shores Two, I have a garden mentioned.


Blurb: Megan and Seth are finally rescued off their little island, but things are far from idyllic as they’re treated to one nasty surprise after another, which puts all plans of a wonderful future in jeopardy.

Will they ever get back together again or see the life they envisioned?


Handing him the loofah and soap, Megan turned away. Seth soaped up and started washing her back in small circles. “You know I love ya?”

She nodded.

“Liz really did sneak into the room, and I really was asleep.” He hoped she understood. He wouldn’t have brought her halfway around the world to then sleep with his ex.

Megan stiffened. “She wants you back.”

“I reckon she does, but I don’t want her. I only want you.”

After she rinsed off, she grabbed the soap and loofah from him. She gestured for him to change places with her. “I’m not one to fight over a man.” Megan worked her way from the top of his shoulders all the way down to his butt. “I never fought with Jonathan’s mistress over him. I told him to stop seeing her, but of course he didn’t.”

“Megz, I—”

“But if Liz gives me any more trouble, she’ll wish she hadn’t messed with me.”

Seth gritted his teeth against Megan’s hard scrubbing. “I reckon she will. Blimey, I know I am, and I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“No, you just lay there, letting it happen!” The soap and loofah bounced off the shower wall.

Seth turned, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her against his chest. “I’m sorry Liz is giving you such a hard time. She’s a bit of bitch most days and a drama queen the rest. Why do you think I left?”

“Yeah, I kind of figured.” She sniffed and leaned her head against his chest.

“This is a right mess, eh?”

Megan sighed. “What are we going to do?”

“Once things get settled, I could get us a house, yeah? It’ll be a nice big mansion on a hill overlooking the ocean. In the master bath, the shower will look like your waterfall, and in the garden, we’ll have a pool and fix it so it looks like our old swimming lagoon. I’ll make us a pergola and more chairs, and you can weave the bottoms and backs. I’ll plant palm and banana trees. You can have a garden. We’ll pretend we’re still on our little island and make love all day long, eh?”

Megan looked up at him with sad sea-green eyes. “Seth, that sounds so lovely, but your father’s dying and your son misses you. You can’t leave. You’re needed here.”

He ran his hand down the side of his face. “Then what do we do, eh?”

“I don’t know.” She rested against him. “Just bide our time, I guess. But don’t blame me if you come home late one night and your ex is black and blue.”


Windswept Shores (One):

Windswept Shores Two:

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In the UK, Windswept Shores Two:



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47 comments on “The 5th Annual Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

  1. What I love about gardening is that it gets me out of the house so I actually get some sun for a change.


  2. I am not big on gardening, but my son loves to grown flowers in pots in his room.

    videoclimber AT yahoo DOT com


  3. What I enjoy about gardening is watching everything I planted grow. watching life grow is such a rewarding feeling!


  4. I didn’t know that about almonds & peaches, Janice. Fascinating. We had all kinds of fruit in my garden (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, figs, plums, apples, cherries, peach and more)–the peach lost out to an overzealous backhoe. Alas.


  5. Congratulations on your new book release! 🙂 Beautiful pictures! I have a peach (or nectarine, not sure, it never gets fruit) and a couple almonds and they do bloom nicely. I love when the pussywillows burst into bloom, too. They are usually first.

    What I love about gardening is simply watching things grow. Harvesting vegetables to eat is pretty good, too! 🙂 (Saves money!) cchant86 @


  6. How beautiful my home looks after I put a garden around it. I like the extra color. Grats on your recent book release!

    kissedbymidnight AT


  7. I love flowers but sadly I have no talent growing anything. Thanks for the pics rand advice. Congrats on the new release.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


  8. I like gardening in that I can have sone fresh vegetables like radishes, green peppers, and green onions on hand.


  9. I like having a nice place to relax 🙂 It is the one place I can go to get away for every day stress 🙂


  10. I garden because I love all the different plants. Plus it lets me grow different varieties of fruits and veggies that you can’t find in the store.
    sienkiel1821 at yahoo dot com


  11. I am not very successful as a gardener but I appreciate all the tips I’ve gotten on this hop. jeanna_massman at hotmail dot com


  12. What I love about gardening is the fresh vegetables and flowers, but I don’t have a garden at the moment.
    (mybeach52 at yahoo dot com)


  13. What I love about gardening is the flowers and fresh vegetables, but I don’t have a garden right now.
    (mybeach52 at yahoo dot com)


  14. I am not much of a gardener since I live in a condo with a small patio…no yard. I do have a few plants on pots…but one I would eat.


  15. I love that I get to eat and share the bounty of all of our hard work in the garden. I also really enjoy seeing the birds and the bees (literally) benefit from the plants and flowers we grow. blueberrycrisp@gmail dot com


  16. Beautiful photos! I love gardening because I enjoy looking at the flowers, and eating the fresh veggies!

    sprocket 215 @ g mail . com


  17. Poor Megan, looks like she’s going to have to teach Liz a lesson, once and for all, so she’ll move on! Congrats on the release! I love seeing things grow and become something else…I am always fascinated to watch something go from a seed to a flower or a vegetable (although I am terribly impatient, lol). Thanks for the giveaway.

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com


    • Hi Elf,

      You’ll have to read it to find out. 🙂 Thank you for the comment.

      Just water your garden and try not to think about it too much and before you know it, its grown up and making fruit or veggies.



  18. I love getting outside and playing in the dirt!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


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