Different spellings of same words

Gledwood brought it to my attention about the different spellings in diarrhoea/diarrhea the last is American spelling. He says that “the Brits have to add an “o” for some ancient Greek-type reason.”

So that got me thinking what else is spelled different? We after all are speaking the same language just with different accents. But we Americans are getting influenced by the many cultures that call our country home. And if that isn’t enough we also make names up for new products or services ie; the Internet, eBay, and cell phones.

But what do you expect from a country that spell depot with a silent “T”?

We Americans also add “the” to almost everything–He went to the hospital, and the British version(and Aussie don’t want to leave anyone out) he’s going to hospital.

So a short list of different spelling of the same words(for a larger list click on link);




Gees just look at the spelling no wonder I’ve always had problem in school? Maybe this is why–I have been spelling them correctly if I’d been born in England!!!

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  1. This is funny *!* For me being English, and living in Australia I find the American z creeping into our everyday spelling and I’m often pausing pen in hand or finger over key between the z and s. I’m glad someone else is having fun too lol*!*


  2. Don’t forget aluminum and aluminium. They even sound different.

    I’m with Bimbimbie. I have so many Commonwealth online friends I find myself sticking a “u” in the middle of color or favor and having to take it back out again.

    Or saying “in hospital” and having people look at me weird.

    The English, she is a funny language.


  3. Hi Bimimbie,

    Glad to see you again.

    I knew some of our words were making their way into other cultures but not our spelling too, LOL.

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve always added a “U” in words like that, and been told to take it out.

    I’m better about it now, but now I’m wondering–I am nearly half English.

    I’m an all American mutt and have a dash of this and a dash of that. My genitic make-up is mostly countries in the UK; England, Ireland, Scotland, then there’s French and German. Along with just a smiggen of Cherokee.

    Can your Genes make you spell different?

    Lady Jan~


  4. Totally confusing isn’t it! I listen to a show on the radio about the English language, and the fellow often traces the meaning of words way back. Interestingly, he says that language is alive and evolves with everyday usage, this includes spelling. So I guess we will have blends of correct spelling


  5. American spellings are well advanced in Canada and creeping in FAR more into Australian than here in Britain though you do see them probably far more than 20 yrs ago: probably thanks to the internet. Also American books are routinely set in American spellings here while I hear British books are dumbed down and reset to suit American tastes: how typical!

    Yeah there’s a few more Britishisms e.g. disc instead of disk, scry instead of skry, connexion (optional though I use it) and so on I answered with some more chez moi. Great post!!



  6. Hi Mum,

    That is interesting. I have a book some where that explain the English language too.

    Darn, I need to find it.

    Hi Gledwood,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Thank you for the addition.

    Another thing is that American’s also want to be right and that’s why we drive on the right side of the road ;).

    Lady Jan~


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