I dreamed I was Super Mom


Super mom
By Janice Seagraves

Last night I dreamed I was super mom; able to out run a runaway car that someone forgot to set the brakes, able to leap a tall building to get to the kid on the other side that was heading into oncoming traffic. Faster than a speeding bullet as I recued; children that fell down wells, kittens from trees and puppies from drains, or was it the other way around? No matter. I’m super mom.

I could use my super minty fresh breath to cool down over heated kids or food. I could see through clothes to the unclean undies underneath. I could spot a dirty set of ears from a mile away. Just the smell of my homemade chicken soup could cure anyone of any illness. I’m super mom.
I stopped the bad guys by spraying oven cleaner in their eyes. But there was no lasting harm, because I used the new environmentally safe oven cleaner which I invented because I’m super mom! (The proceeds of which went to starving children in third world countries.)
I wore goggles and dish washing gloves to protect my identity. My clothes were environmentally friendly and my colors were red, white and blue, because super mom was kind to the environment and patriotic too.
I didn’t wear an apron because super mom wasn’t tied to the kitchen.
I kept my husband happy and took care of our children; all seven of them with red hair like me, (which is odd because I only have one child and I’m not a natural red head). I also had a career and saved people I didn’t know, because I can do it all, I’m super mom!
Then of course I woke up.

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