Thursday’s thirteen: books why I love them.


  1. Escapism: oh yeah, I get to go were no one but the imagination has gone before.
  2. A short vacation: when I can’t get away because of time or financial restraints. I just go on a mini vacation with a good book (see above).
  3. Friendship: the friends you meet in a book never tell you they don’t have time for you.
  4. Low tech: grab and book open it up and your inputting information. And it never tells you that this is an illegal action from just reading the darn thing, or that you need to recharge or change the batteries either.
  5. Learning: I have learned so much from books and I still am too.
  6. Adventure: I can read about things that I just don’t have the nerve to do in real life and feel like I am doing them.
  7. Comfort: forget the comfort food if I’m having a bad day, my books are always there for me.
  8. Art: I have art and craft books that are a fun thing to do when you have kids.
  9. Exercise: have you exercised while walking on a treadmill? And didn’t the time pass faster?
  10. Boredom: My daughter is so funny on a day she home “I’m bored.” I often tell her to get out a book and read it. Then it’s “Aw, mom do I have to?” Then later she is so absorbed I can’t hardly get her to stop and eat or go to bed.
  11. Writing: to be a good writer you have to be a good reader.
  12. Connecting with people: A good way to connect to people is to have the same interest, and a good way to find out your interests is to find out if you like the same books
  13. Reading: the bottom line is I just love to read. I love to wile away an lazy afternoon or evening with my favorite author.

What do you like to read?


6 comments on “Thursday’s thirteen: books why I love them.

  1. You swiped my Thursday Thirteen lable! Did you realize I took that picture on my way to work one day, and have been using it as a way to brand my TTs?


  2. Um, no, sorry?

    I’ll not use it after this promise, and I’ll erase it off my hard drive too okay?

    No hard feeling?



  3. It’s one of those iffy things. TT is such a group thing and people do use each other’s banners sometimes. I just wish you’d asked first. Thanks for understanding my reaction. Actually, this compelled me to make some new ones. It’s all good.


  4. Hi Alice,

    Thank you for understanding and I won’t do it again. I had just thought you had gotten it off of photobucket or I would have asked.

    I’ve made a batch of them myself but I’m going to post them for everyone to share. That way there wont be anymore misunderstanding.



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