Thursday’s Thirteen: Nerve racking story elements

Thurday's thirteen GothWriters like me sometimes add horror or suspense elements into their Romance story line. And in honor of Halloween, which is just around the corner, here are thirteen nerve racking descriptions off the top of my head.

1. The wind howled.

2. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

3. A chill went down her back.

4. Footsteps echoed in the dusty hallway.

5. A door squeaked loudly.

6. Not for the first time did she regret letting her boyfriend talk her into going to the cemetery at midnight.

7. Just for a moment his eyes glowed yellow.

8. It was pitch black in the house. She flipped on the light, and it didn’t come on.

9. Then she heard a loud noise, and she knew no one was home at this hour.

10. A loud screech made her jump.

11. Lightning crackled over the old empty house, and just briefly lit a face in the window.

12. Her sight finally adjusted to the dim light, and focused on a pair of eyes
staring back at her.

13. Behind her something scuttled across the floor, she spun around but saw nothing.

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    • Hi Cambria,

      Yes it is, and especially a big house and you can’t tell where the sound is coming from. Then your not sure if you should call the police, tip toe around the house or find some place to hide.

      Happy TT,


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